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Commercial Driver's License (CDL)

If you drive a commercial vehicle, a traffic offense could lead to a Disqualification of your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and could affect your employment. Depending on the driving infraction charged, it may not matter whether the violation occurred while you were driving a commercial vehicle or your personal vehicle. A “disqualification” of your Commercial Driver’s license is a temporary or permanent withdrawal of an individual’s privilege to operate a commercial motor vehicle. Depending on the offense the disqualification could last for a minimum of 60 days and could last a lifetime in certain circumstances. If your Commercial Driver’s is disqualified, you would be prohibited from operating a Commercial Vehicle and you would have to obtain a regular driver’s license in order to be permitted to drive.

A disqualification of a CDL occurs from a conviction of a “Major Offense” or several convictions of “Serious Traffic Offenses” within a certain period of time. The following offenses are defined as “Major Offenses” and result in a one year CDL disqualification for first offenses (3 year disqualification with Hazmat):

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance. This disqualification occurs if the DUI happened in a commercial vehicle or a personal vehicle. 2nd or subsequent conviction result in a lifetime disqualification. Entry into the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program for DUI is also considered a conviction for purposes of CDL disqualification.
  • Refusing to submit to blood or breath testing your suspected of a DUI. This disqualification also would occur if driving a commercial vehicle or a personal vehicle. 2nd or subsequent conviction result in a lifetime disqualification.
  • Leaving the Scene of an Accident (Hit and Run), Using a vehicle to commit a felony, using a vehicle involving drug distribution, driving under suspension and causing a fatality through negligent operation of a commercial vehicle are considered major offenses and carry a one-year disqualification. Entry into the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program is also considered a conviction for purposes of CDL disqualification.
Serious Traffic Offenses (STO)

If a driver accumulates two serious traffic offenses within three years, there is a mandatory disqualification of the Commercial Driver’s License for 60 days. If a driver is convicted of three or more serious traffic offenses within three years, the disqualification is for 120 days. Most serious traffic offenses must occur in a commercial motor vehicle, but there are a few exceptions. The most common Serious Traffic Offenses are:

  • Speeding 15 mph or greater.
  • Reckless Driving (Commercial or personal vehicle).
  • Improper or erratic lane changes.
  • Following too closely.
  • Texting while driving a commercial motor vehicle.
  • Using a hand held telephone while driving a commercial motor vehicle.

There are also disqualifications for convictions involving railroad crossings. If you are convicted of a railroad crossing offense, your privilege to operate a commercial motor vehicle would be disqualified for 60 days for a first offense, 120 days for a second offense within three years, and a one year disqualification for a third or subsequent convictions.

Additionally, convictions for traffic violations can affect your employment as many employers check their drivers’ records routinely. Some companies have policies in place disciplining an employee for any type of moving violation, not just a serious or major violation.

No matter what traffic citation you are cited with, if you have a Commercial Driver’s License, you should enter a plea of not guilty and obtain an attorney to represent you in court. Do not delay as under Pennsylvania law, you only have 10 days to respond to the ticket and enter a plea. The experienced attorneys at Ellis B. Klein & Associates have handled thousands of traffic tickets, many involving Commercial Driver’s Licenses. Many courts will permit us to appear in court in your place, so you may not even have to attend the court hearing to get the points reduced on your moving violation. Call us at 800-536-0501 for a free consultation and we will gladly review your case and guide you in the right direction.

CDL Reviews from Former Clients:

* Source: client reviews

Very Professional !! And so helpful!! Highly recommend!!!

Mr. Klein helped with a traffic violation that could have ended up affecting my NJ CDL license. I contacted him and got an immediate response. We went over everything and he explained all possible outcomes. But due to his expertise, everything went really well and I would definitely recommend Mr. Klein and am very grateful.

CDL Careless Driving - I received a summons for careless driving

5.0 stars
Posted by Andrew

I received a summons for careless driving. I hit two parked cars with an 18 wheeler and my DOT CLASS A license (first week on the job). No one was hurt. Ellis Klein was able to have my case dismissed! No fine, no points, no record! Could not have been better. Also, every time I called his office, some nice person answered my call and explained what was going on with my case.

“The best attorney for the job for a CDL license”

5.0 stars
Posted by Justin

I have my CDL and drive truck for a living. I had received a speeding ticket that would have cost me job and unable to be hired at any other company and I have a large family that I am the sole supporter of. I chose Ellis for his length of experience in the legal profession, his previous employment with the district attorney’s office and all the positive reviews, and as it’s turns out he knew the judge presiding over my case well. I explained to Ellis how high the stakes were for me and he came through in spades. Ellis negotiated the ticket to a no point, non-moving violation. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome and I highly recommend him.

“CDL Traffic Violation”

5.0 stars
Posted by George B

Mr. Klein did as promised - no points were placed on my Commercial Driver’s License for my moving violation in my commercial vehicle. He kept in contact with me throughout the process, responded quickly to my calls & I didn't even have to go into court with him. Very professional - I highly recommend him.

Client Reviews
Ellis Klein is a terrific attorney who represented my son in a DUI case. Ellis was understanding and sympathetic yet very forthright regarding the seriousness of the issue. He was extremely knowledgeable of the process and kept us informed at every step. He had a very professional presence, was confident (but not arrogant) and kept us calm throughout a very traumatic situation. He was a critical factor in my son receiving the best possible outcome from this DUI event. John Doe
Recently Mr. Klein helped me out with a criminal charge in which the outcome was the best possible situation for me. Ellis worked with me as far as a payment plan, knew the judge and officer and I couldn't ask for anything more out of a lawyer. I'm very happy with his performance and would recommend him to anyone. Jane Doe
Ellis literally gave me a new lease on life. I was facing a DUI, which would have affected my livelihood, my freedom and would have left me with a criminal record. Mr. Klein was able to have all the evidence suppressed by challenging the officer's cause for pulling me over. He was very thorough, leaving no stone unturned. His demeanor in court was confident and knowledgeable. He saved my reputation and my family from facing serious economic hardship. Thank You Anonymous
Ellis Klein served as my lawyer in a very difficult case that I was facing and with his help, the outcome of my case turned out wonderful. Mr. Klein helped me very much with his knowledge of my case. Thanks Ellis! Anonymous
Like many young adults, I made a bad decision that resulted in very serious consequences. I was afraid and nervous. Ellis was very straight-forward when he explained things to me, telling what the best outcome could be as well as the worst. Through his knowledge, professionalism, and legal reputation, my case was resolved with the best possible outcome. I advise my friends not to make the same mistake that I did, but if they do I will highly recommend Ellis. I feel like I have been given a second chance. Anonymous