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Out of State Drivers Ticketed in Pennsylvania

If you are an out of state driver and receive a moving violation in Pennsylvania, points and/or suspensions may transfer to your state, depending on the type of citation and depending on what state you are licensed in.

Almost every state in the United States is part of the Interstate Driver’s License Compact. The compact is an agreement, currently among 45 states, to provide information about out of state moving violations to the driver’s home state. The Driver License Compact (DLC) is an agreement among member states in which states share information on driving infractions between the state that the violation occurred to the driver’s home state. States who are part of this agreement report any out-of-state convictions and suspensions to member states. So, in essence, if you are pulled over in another state that is part of the Interstate Driver’s Compact, it will be considered to be the same as if the violation happened in your home state.

The following states are members of the Interstate Driving Compact. A Pennsylvania conviction for a moving violation, and even some non-moving violations will be reported to your home state DMV by Penndot.

  1. Alaska
  2. Alabama
  3. Arizona
  4. Arkansas
  5. California
  6. Colorado
  7. Connecticut
  8. Delaware
  9. District of Columbia
  10. Florida
  11. Hawaii
  12. Idaho
  13. Illinois
  14. Indiana
  15. Iowa
  16. Kansas 17. Kentucky
  17. Louisiana
  18. Maine
  19. Maryland
  20. Minnesota
  21. Mississippi
  22. Missouri
  23. Montana
  24. Nebraska
  25. Nevada
  26. New Hampshire
  27. New Jersey
  28. New Mexico
  29. New York
  30. North Carolina
  31. North Dakota
  32. Ohio
  33. Oklahoma
  34. Oregon
  35. Pennsylvania
  36. Rhode Island
  37. South Carolina
  38. South Dakota
  39. Texas
  40. Utah
  41. Vermont
  42. Virginia
  43. Washington
  44. West Virginia
  45. Wyoming

Currently, the only states that are not part of the Interstate Driver’s License Compact are Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

Click here to see how states view moving violations from Pennsylvania.

Just because your state is part of the Compact does not mean that points will automatically be imposed. Every state is different and you should contact your home state DMV to determine if any points will transfer from Pennsylvania if you are found guilty of the moving violation. If you receive a ticket in Pennsylvania and are an out of state driver, you should immediately mail to the court a plea of not guilty. If you determine that points will transfer to your state you will need to appear personally at the court hearing either with or without an attorney. However, most District Judges will permit us to appear in your place, so that you would not be required to return to Pennsylvania to attend traffic court and we can handle it for you in your absence. Even if your home state does not impose points as a result of a Pennsylvania traffic violation, the ticket may still appear on your record which could lead to a rise in your insurance rates. So it is in your best interest to hire an experienced Pennsylvania traffic ticket lawyer to represent you in court to help you reduce the points on your moving violation. Most traffic court judges will allow us to appear in your place, so that you may not even have to attend the court hearing to get your points reduced.

Additionally there are other agreements among states for motor vehicle violations:

The Nonresident Violator Compact

Under the Nonresident Violator Compact, if you received a traffic ticket in Pennsylvania and ignored it, or if you did not make required payments to the court, your home state can be notified to possibly suspend your license suspension.

The National Driver Register

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) keeps track of serious traffic violations, and keeps track of suspended, revoked, cancelled, or denied licenses.

When you apply for a driver's license, or seek to renew a license, your state's DMV can check the national database, and can use that information to possibly deny driving privileges.

Hiring an experienced attorney will increase your chances of reducing the points on your moving violation. Be sure to hire an experienced traffic defense attorney, because some zero point violations in Pennsylvania actually transfer as a points violation, even though the violation may be zero points in Pennsylvania. For example, if you are a New Jersey licensed driver, New Jersey views any moving violation (even if it is zero points in PA) as at least a 2 point moving violation. If you are licensed in New Jersey and the Pennsylvania officer reduces your speeding ticket to 5 mph over the limit, or reduces your moving violation to Obedience to Traffic Control Devices under Section 3111a, New Jersey will still assign 2 points to your license, even though both of the above offenses are considered zero point violations in PA. Some police officers (and even some judges) are not aware of this, but an experienced defense attorney will be aware and know which citations do not transfer out of state.

The experienced attorneys at Klein Burdett & Associates have handled thousands of moving violations in traffic court and we have helped hundreds of out of state drivers reduce the points on their moving violations. Most judges will permit us to appear in court in your place, so you may not even have to attend the court hearing to get your points reduced. Do not pay the fine before speaking with us about your case, as it could cost you money and could possibly cost you your license. Call us at (800) 536–0501 for a free consultation and we would be happy to discuss your situation with you. In addition, we offer a money-back guarantee if we are unable to assist you in reducing the points on your moving violation. We have a 99% success rate in reducing points on most moving violations. Call us before you pay the fine for a free consultation.

Out of State Traffic Ticket Reviews From Former Clients

* Source: Avvo.com Client Reviews

Speeding New Jersey Driver

Posted by Ben

I hired Ellis Klein to handle my out of state speeding ticket over in PA. (I am from NJ). He managed to get my ticket down to no points or suspension!! His professionalism, communication, and personalized human approach was much appreciated. I hired him based on his reviews, and I am so happy that I did. I did not have to appear in court and his knowledge of the court system, judges, and procedures was the key to our success. While friendly and professional, he still gives you realistic expectations and possible outcomes rather than just being a salesman. Would 100% recommend.

Excellent experience from NJ customer

Posted by Francis

Ellis provided me with a world of relief. When I received a high speeding ticket in PA I feared multiple points and high fines especially being from NJ I thought they would sock it to me. After multiple court reschedules, he was able to clear my infraction completely from my record, with no additional fines, penalty or points. Best of all, I didn't even have to show up in court. He not only saved me money but my time as well. Highly recommend.

The best!! Saved me time, stress and points! A lawyer who cares!

5.0 stars
Posted by anonymous

I NEVER write reviews but I’m beyond thankful to Ellis and what he did for me. Hopefully this can help someone else in a unfortunate situation make the right decision to hire Ellis. I’m from NJ and got an out of state speeding ticket in a work zone in PA that would have caused points to carry over to my NJ license and possibly a license suspension. I’m pregnant with a toddler, working from home full time without a caregiver due to Covid. Needless to say I was beyond stressed. I researched online and based on the excellent reviews, chose to hire Ellis. He took the time to speak to me directly and explain everything. I was so impressed with the level of care he gave to someone with just a speeding ticket when he obviously has bigger cases. He put my mind at ease and was able to go to court on my behalf so I didn’t have to miss work and find someone to watch my toddler. He was able to get my ticket down to a non-moving violation with a much lower and fee and NO points to carry over to my NJ license. Can't be more happier with his job ! I highly recommend!

Maryland speeding ticket - Highly recommended

5.0 stars
Posted by Wesley

When I was visiting Pennsylvania from Maryland I received a speeding ticket that had a 200 dollar fine and 3 points. I researched Mr. Klein for a consultation in which he reached out to me on a Sunday which impressed me. I discussed my situation and decided to hire Mr. Klein to represent me, I have no regrets doing such. The charges were reduced to a nonmoving violation no points and a lower fine. The best part was I didn’t have to attend the case which was great for me since that saved me a 3 hour drive. I highly recommend Ellis Klein if you need an attorney.

“PA speeding, New Jersey license”

5.0 stars
Posted by Susan

Great assistance from a sincere attorney, who effectively represented me as an out of state motorist! I am from NJ and dealing with a Speeding ticket in PA. Ellis informed me that points will transfer from PA to NJ and assured me that things were taken care of for me. All of his advice was correct ! I got the verdict that I had hoped for, just a fine and no points. Good law team to work with! Sincere and great listeners. I would recommend Ellis to anyone who gets a traffic ticket in Pennsylvania.

“Excellent attorney”

5.0 stars
Posted by Lynn

Attorney Klein spoke to me at length regarding the potential ramifications caused by the traffic ticket I received in Pennsylvania (I am a resident of NJ). He and his staff handled everything exactly as promised-I would definitely retain him again should the need arise. I endorse him wholeheartedly.

“Out of State Speeding Ticket”

5.0 stars
Posted by John

I received a speeding in excess of 16 MPH ticket in PA. I was concerned with getting points on my license I began contacting lawyers, especially as NJ resident as most out of state moving violation transfers as 2 points automatically.

Ellis was able to get the speeding ticket downgraded to a non-moving violation which was no points and did not transfer to NJ, also with a reduced fine compared to the speeding ticket. What was even better was that Ellis was able to serve in my absence, so I did not have to take a day off from work to hike up to PA and back.

I originally contacted Ellis after looking for lawyers the day I got the ticket. Ellis contacted me quickly, was honest about how he could help me, and gave good advice before I had even retained him. I was happy to retain him, and he was even readily available when I called him before the trial for some questions and concerns I had. I recommend absolutely, as Ellis was able to get me the best outcome I was hoping for.

“Excellent Traffic Lawyer”

5.0 stars
Posted by Brendan

I received a very high speeding ticket in PA with an NJ license. A possible 5 point ticket, with a license suspension hearing. Ellis Klein was able to not only save my license, but get it reduced to a zero point, non moving violation! I didn't even need to show up to court. Mr. Klein provided results that went beyond my expectations. If you're looking for a great traffic lawyer, look no further.

“Select the very best for an excellent outcome!”

5.0 stars
Posted by Ratna

Mr. Klein was exceptional from the start. I had a moving violation that would have resulted in a lot of points and potentially loss of license. He was very responsive, provided a good consultation, was polite and his office staff was exceptional when I had questions. He reduced my sentence to a fine, and no points that would carry over to my state. So grateful for his help! I highly recommend him to anyone that has a traffic violation.

Call us to discuss your matter BEFORE paying the fine to the court because moving violations could carry points on your license and could lead to higher insurance premiums and possibly loss of your license. We can appear in court for you and if we cannot help you reduce points, we will refund the entire fee to you. We have a 99% success rate and we are the only law firm that backs up their work, so there is no risk to you. Call the experienced attorneys at Klein Burdett & Associates for a FREE consultation.

Client Reviews
Ellis Klein is a terrific attorney who represented my son in a DUI case. Ellis was understanding and sympathetic yet very forthright regarding the seriousness of the issue. He was extremely knowledgeable of the process and kept us informed at every step. He had a very professional presence, was confident (but not arrogant) and kept us calm throughout a very traumatic situation. He was a critical factor in my son receiving the best possible outcome from this DUI event. John Doe
Recently Mr. Klein helped me out with a criminal charge in which the outcome was the best possible situation for me. Ellis worked with me as far as a payment plan, knew the judge and officer and I couldn't ask for anything more out of a lawyer. I'm very happy with his performance and would recommend him to anyone. Jane Doe
Ellis literally gave me a new lease on life. I was facing a DUI, which would have affected my livelihood, my freedom and would have left me with a criminal record. Mr. Klein was able to have all the evidence suppressed by challenging the officer's cause for pulling me over. He was very thorough, leaving no stone unturned. His demeanor in court was confident and knowledgeable. He saved my reputation and my family from facing serious economic hardship. Thank You Anonymous
Ellis Klein served as my lawyer in a very difficult case that I was facing and with his help, the outcome of my case turned out wonderful. Mr. Klein helped me very much with his knowledge of my case. Thanks Ellis! Anonymous
Like many young adults, I made a bad decision that resulted in very serious consequences. I was afraid and nervous. Ellis was very straight-forward when he explained things to me, telling what the best outcome could be as well as the worst. Through his knowledge, professionalism, and legal reputation, my case was resolved with the best possible outcome. I advise my friends not to make the same mistake that I did, but if they do I will highly recommend Ellis. I feel like I have been given a second chance. Anonymous